They Call Me Q – the one-woman play!

Looking for an exciting break from studying? Head over to afterHOURS tomorrow night to kick off your weekend and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a FREE one-woman play hosted by NU Center for the Arts.

They Call Me Q is about a girl from Bombay growing up in the “Boogie Down” Bronx seeking balance between the cultural pressures of her traditional parents and wanting acceptance into her new culture. During the performance, Qurrat Ann Kadwani transforms into 13 characters that have shaped her life.  She takes on the persona of her parents, Caucasian teachers, Puerto Rican classmates, African-American friends and more! Loaded with heart and humor, They Call Me Q speaks to the universal search for identity experienced by immigrants of all nationalities.

“Filled with charm, humor, and heart…They Call Me Q is comedic without seeming over the top, and thought provoking without being preachy…”


Date:   9/18 – Tomorrow!!

Time:   7:00 pm

Place: afterHOURS

View more information about this event, and watch a video trailer by clicking here!



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