Let’s Talk About Food!


The third Let’s Talk About Food Festival comes to Copley Square on Saturday, September 27. This festival lets participants dive into the most important food conversations and debates happening in society today. Through hands-on cooking demonstrations, edible gardens, and more, participants can explore how to take advantage of the food around them by cooking better and eating healthier. Living a healthy lifestyle matters! Attend this event to learn how to become a healthier, happier version of yourself!

My goal was simple: to engage people of all ages in conversation about food. I didn’t care if the hot topic for any one individual was sustainability or urban farming; obesity, school food, or food labeling; home cooking; or, simply put, the joy of eating. I figured that if you could connect each person with a food passion, they would ride that ray straight to the center of change.

Date: Saturday, September 27th

Time: 10AM-4PM

Location: Copley Square

Cost: FREE!

For a full schedule of the Let’s Talk About Food Festival events, click here.

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