Stop Telling Women to Smile


Join us on Northeastern’s Centennial Common as we celebrate women, the empowering art of Tatyana Fazlaizadeh and take a stand against harassment of all kinds. Tatyana’s Stop Telling Women to Smile public art project is leading the effort to end the street harassment of women and LGBTQ people. Tatyana will be there wheat pasting a new Stop Telling Women to Smile artwork onto the façade of the Latino/a Student Cultural Center and there will be live performances of all kinds. Let’s come together to make our campus & the world a safer place. 

Please stay for the panel discussion Public Art, Public Policy: And Interdisciplinary Dialogue on Title IX and the Clery Act.

Northeastern Stands Together Against Harassment Block Party
2pm to 5pm | Centennial Common
This event will feature live student performances, bystander intervention demos, photo booth and Hollaback! Boston. Meet artist-in-residence Tatyana Fazlalizadeh as she creates public art on campus.

Public Art, Public Policy: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue on Title X and the Clery Act
5:30pm | 240 Dockser Hall
400 Huntington Ave.

Date: October 7th

Time: Block Party, 2-5PM / Public Art, Public Policy, 5:30PM

Location: Block Party – Centennial Common / Public art, Public Policy – 400 Huntington Ave.


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