Ace The Case – A Live Case Interview Demonstration


Ace The Case—A Live Case Interview Demonstration

Date: Monday, October 20

Time: 4:30-6:00 pm

Location: 12 Stearns

 Watch a Senior Manager from Vistaprint, experienced in conducting case interviews, conduct a mock case interview with an employee of Vistaprint before you interview or continue to interview for positions using the Case Interview method.

Be “a fly on the wall” by hearing the strategies used, with break-aways from the Manager conducting the interview as they talk about why they are answering the way they are and what you should do when you’re being interviewed. This is an amazing opportunity to get some great insight on what case interviewers are looking for and how to stand out among other interviewees!


Myke Doyle is currently a Manager within Vistaprint’s Email Marketing team. Myke has been with Vistaprint a little over 7 years and is a Northeastern alumnus who studied Marketing and Management.

Kyle Risley is currently a Senior Marketing Associate within our Organic Search team. Kyle has been with Vistaprint for 1 ½ years and is also a Northeastern alumni who studied Marketing and minored in Economics.

No registration required. Casual attire.  All majors welcome!


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