Free Ballroom Dance Lessons

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Looking for something to do tonight? Check out NU Ballroom Dance Club’s free lessons! You can find them in Dance Studio A in the Curry Student Center. No prior experience is necessary and you don’t need to bring a partner! So what are you waiting for? Go meet some new people (or bring some friends) and get your feet moving! The schedule is as follows:

May 28th    Thur   Beginner I. Waltz            7-8 PM

May 30th    Sat     Intermediate I. Waltz     11 AM-12 PM

June 1st     Mon   To Be Announced           7-8 PM

June 4th     Thur   Beginner I. Cha Cha       7-8 PM

June 8th     Mon   Intermediate I ChaCha   7-8 PM

June 11th   Thur   Beginner  A.Foxtrot        7-8 PM

June 13th   Sat   Intermediate A.Foxtrot    11 AM-12 PM

June 15th   Mon  To Be Announced           7-8 PM

June 18th   Thur   Beginner Polka               7-8 PM

If you want to know what this club is all about, check out their website:

Questions? Concerns? Contact the Ballroom Dance Club at

See you there!

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