push for pizza

It’s every college student’s dream: you push a button button, and a delicious hot-from-the-oven-cheese-oozing pizza shows up at your door, ready to devour. Luckily, five college-aged guys put their heads together to make dreams come true, and invented Push for Pizza. It’s an app that makes the struggles of pizza ordering a thing of the past, eliminating phone conversations with pizzeria employees and long, long, looooong walks to and from your room to pick up your slice of heaven. Just tap on a few toppings, pick a tip, and voila…your pizza dreams have come true.

We’re honored to announce that Push for Pizza is stopping right here at Northeastern on its nationwide tour of college campuses! They’re bringing free giveaways, pizza-related swag, their giant pizza-shaped mascot, Pushy the Pizza, and even a pizza themed sports car, dubbed the Lamborghizza. One lucky student will even win an entire semester of pizza! Two of Push for Pizza’s founders, Max and Cyrus, will be around to talk about founding a start-up, and of course what it’s like to dedicate your entire life to pizza (we think that sounds pretty great).

The Push for Pizza gang will be parked on Opera Place (hint: opposite Krentzman Quadrangle) on Wednesday, September 23rd from 11am to 5pm.

push for pizza app


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