Since the start of the semester, new students have been walking around campus proudly showing off red or black shirts that show how they #BeYOUatNU. So, what’s that all about and how can you get in on the action?

All freshmen and transfer students got one of those awesome shirts for convocation, with a blank space on the back to write a word or phrase that answered the question, “What do you want to BE?” We saw answers that were creative, introspective, silly, and very personal. Students wrote that they wanted to BE courageous, BE the difference, BE confident, and BE YONCÉ. This year’s entering class is full of smarts, strength, and diversity from all perspectives and corners of the world, and just like our university at large, is a tidal wave of awesome.

Not a freshman, you say? Do not despair, you can still tell us how you #BeYOUatNU. We all love selfies, so take your shot over to http://www.northeastern.edu/beyourselfie/ and create your own meme proclaiming what you want to BE here at Northeastern…and beyond!

Take that selfie and shout it from the proverbial rooftops, aka connect with us and the Northeastern community by using #BeYOUatNU on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook when you share it for the world to see. While you’re at it, see what your fellow students want to BE!

Also, please enjoy some of our favorites so far (we see you, Jim Carrey):

beanawesomepossum selfie beglobal selfie behave selfie obewankenobi selfie

beatles selfie beautiful selfie

Create and share: http://www.northeastern.edu/beyourselfie/


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