10 things you learn as a Northeastern student:

…And not necessarily from your classes.

museum meme

1. Museums became cool the moment you got free admission to the MFA.
Seriously, Boston has such a vibrant arts scene that it would be a crime not to take advantage of it! The MFA has everything from Van Gogh to some magnificent art installations made entirely out of Styrofoam cups (apparently that is indeed possible), and wandering through the galleries can be just as rejuvenating as a power nap (referenced below). Plus, regular student admission is $23, so you’re practically making money every time you go.


2. The Green Line is slow and should be avoided at all costs, but otherwise the T is the best.
Advice for freshmen: get a Charlie Card! Don’t be afraid to stumble through the confusing (and sometimes quite delayed) bus system! And yes, your hair will turn grey while sitting on the Green line trying to make your way to Boston College.

history meme

3. Everything in Boston is historical. Everything. Even that trash can.
Boston is steeped in historical significance, which is very cool when you’re walking around the Commons/if you are interested in knowing the story behind every single object in sight. Beware, the parking garage attendants in DTX enjoy talking about the good old days when the entire city was penned in by overpasses and watch where you step because you may have just trodden on Samuel Adam’s grave.

starbucks meme

4. The opportunity cost of your PSL at the AfterHours Starbucks does not justify waiting in line for seven lifetimes. The opportunity cost of your overpriced mocha is actually the 30 minute power nap you could be taking instead, which is ultimately the difference between making that midnight deadline for your math homework and falling asleep on your computer.

dunkin donuts meme

5. On that note, Dunkin’ Donuts. That is all. This is particularly for those out-of-towners who still don’t know the glory that is free coffee the day after the Patriots win.

squirrel meme

6. It is your duty as a student with a meal plan to stick it to the man and hoard bananas and cookies like a starving squirrel.
Are the coffee cups in IV ever actually used for coffee, or just as makeshift to-go containers for everything from tabbouleh to entire grilled chicken breasts?

hockey meme

7. Hockey is the greatest sport on earth and when the Huskies win the Beanpot all your dreams will come true. If you didn’t grow up in the Northeast/Canada and thus did not have hockey written into your DNA, you now love watching heavily padded humans crashing into each other on a very slippery surface and not just because it looks funny.

blizzard meme

8. None of your friends will ever be allowed to complain to you about winter weather for the rest of their lives. Did they survive Snowpocalypse 2015? Were they forced to wade across campus in search of food? No? Then they can’t talk.

chicken lou's meme

9. Chicken Lou’s is all the Monday Motivation you need (especially the TKO sandwich). It’s a delicious one-way ticket to a heart attack, which is exactly what you need to jump-start your week. Plus it helps build up a layer of insulation for those unpredictable Boston blizzards!

10. You are actually going to graduate college with a meaningful degree, plus an awesome shot at a real-world job even in the dog-eat-dog world that is the current job market. *insert angels singing* The co-op. When all your friends from high schoojob memel will be having an identity crisis over winter break senior year, you will simply chuckle to yourself and bask in the glory of the job offer your last co-op supervisor sent your way.


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