The 5 Best Things About Fall in Boston

On this second day of October, we’re staring out our windows glumly looking at the campus painted a resolute gray. Anyone who’s experienced the wonders of New England Autumn before knows that this is not the kind of weather we wait for all year! Our words for newbies who think this is the best they can hope for: Fall is coming!

So, in hopes of a brighter tomorrow, here are the very best things about fall in Boston!

boston fall

  1. The leaves: Most of what we’re missing right now is the glorious view you get looking out over the city from the top of East Village. Boston, like the rest of New England, is blessed with colorful foliage come September (usually) that instantly gets your brain thinking pumpkin spice lattes and Thanksgiving. The colors are best appreciated on a cool, sunny day with your favorite autumn treat (see below) in hand. Be patient, Huskies, we promise the crimson will come (we’re also kind of hoping that the trees around Centennial shed enough that we can make leaf piles and jump in them).latte art
  2. Fall foods: So, yes, Starbucks has co-opted fall-related drinks with the PSL, but there’s so much more deliciousness out there, especially in a city with a) a fantastic food scene and b) the New England sensibilities of putting cinnamon in everything. Ogawa Coffee at Downtown Crossing is offering free latte art all through the month of October, including jack ‘o lanterns and ghosts! Over in Somerville, Petsi Pies has the best mini salted-caramel-apple pies on the planet, and Flour Bakery’s pecan pies are to die for (they’re in the South End, not a bad walk from campus!). If you’ve never had pumpkin spice ice cream before, you need to march yourself to Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream in Cambridge for a scoop…and potentially many more scoops of other seasonal favorites like apple pie and cranberry sorbet.regatta
  3. Head of the Charles Boston Regatta: Since 1965, the world’s largest regatta has been held on the Charles in Boston, drawing progressively larger crowds each year. It’s become a staple of the Boston social calendar, and is plenty of fun even for the spectator who isn’t up on their rowing lingo (the Regatta website has a handy dictionary: We recommend setting up home base between the Anderson and Weeks bridges, which offer a great view of the mid-point of the race as well as being in the heart of the rest of the festivities. There’s plenty to see, do, and taste while you wait for the boats! The regatta takes place all day Saturday, Oct 17th and Sunday, Oct 18th, which, conveniently, is parents’ weekend! What better way to show the folks around Beantown than at this classic Boston event?boston graveyards
  4. Halloween in the creepiest corner of the country: With all of the history soaked into Boston’s bones, it’s no surprise that the city pulls out all the stops as the day of the dead approaches. Two of our favorite spots this time of year are the surely-haunted Puritan-era graveyards, particularly the Granary Burying Ground and the Kings Chapel Burying Ground, both just off of Tremont Street. If you’re down for the complete Halloween experience, you should definitely hop on MBTA bus #450 out of Haymarket and make the trek to Salem. Home of the infamous witch trials of yore, the whole town transforms itself for the entire month of October in preparation for the 31st. The area is replete with haunted houses, psychics, and mellower activities like pumpkin picking and historical tours for your scaredey-cat friends. Don’t worry, we’ll have a complete run-down of Halloween fun later this month!patriots
  5. Football: Part of Boston’s charm is its ability to convert even the most sports-phobic individuals into devoted fans of the city’s sports teams. Fall is a time to rejoice at the return of the football season, to play three-a-side on any quad with enough space, and to break out the Patriots gear. The first week of the semester was marked by many a “Free Brady” t-shirt, and now that we have officially moved past Deflategate (we have, haven’t we?), it’s time to focus on the real business of having the best football team around. Plus, you can cash in on a free coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts every time the Patriots win!

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