Charity Week by ISNU

The Islamic Society of Northeastern University is hosting Charity Week on campus!


Now through 9th ISNU has a bunch of cool stuff going on across campus, all to benefit the care of orphans and other disadvantaged children!

Charity Week was founded by a group of Muslim students at the Union London University through their Islamic Society. After years of preparation and trial runs, Charity Week came fully into being in 2004, and has since spread to Universities across the UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and the US. Over 100 institutions take part, and the successful fundraising of £30,000 at the first Charity Week has grown exponentially, to over £2 million, or $3 million, raised in the UK alone.

So where do all these donations go? 100% of the money raised will be put to work through Islamic Relief, a UK-based non-governmental organization that has projects in over 30 countries. Their work helps people of all races, genders, and religions in many different ways, most recently in their partnership with the African Union to end poverty on the continent. Much of the funding raised through Charity Week will go to helping children, particularly by creating schools in East Africa and manufacturing and distributing prosthetics to disabled children.

Members of ISNU said that they decided to host a Charity Week at Northeastern not only because of charity’s central place in the religion of Islam, but also because they felt this project was rightly focused on those most harmed by disadvantages in society: children. A representative from ISNU said that “We joined Charity Week also because the goal/mission is to unite Muslims and non-Muslims in a good cause. There is a misconception that all the donations go to Muslims because most of the institutions involved tend to be Islamic Student Associations, but volunteers and the recipients of the donations are Muslims and non-Muslims.”

So, take a few minutes out of your day next week to stop by ISNU’s activities! We’ve got our eye on the henna table, and we’re wondering if getting a husky on your forehead is a faux pas. It’s ok as long as it’s temporary, right?

Activities will be held in Curry Student Center on Friday, with events taking place in the Library Quad on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. For more information, check out Charity Week ( and ISNU (!

isnu schedule


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