Halloween in Beantown!

It’s halfway through October, which means a mere two weeks before a college kid’s favorite day of the semester–HALLOWEEN! We’ve been scoffing at the plastic jack-o-lantern displays in CVS for weeks, but now it’s actually the proper time to get excited. There’s an added bonus to this year’s celebrations; October 31st falls on a Saturday! So, here is the authoritative guide to having the best Halloweekend ever:


All Things Pumpkin

Whole Foods at 15 Westland Avenue has plenty of gorgeous pumpkins to choose from and we’ve found some awesome carving templates! For the widest selection, we’re pretty impressed by The Pumpkin Lady, especially for her very cute Classic Jacks collection. However, props go to whoever compiled this set of awesome Star Wars pumpkin stencils. Once you have your jack-o-lantern, you could put an electronic candle from CVS in it and proudly display it in your window, or you could float it down the Neponset River! That’s right, on October 20th dozens of pumpkins will be released in one of it’s tributaries in Dorchester. The sight of all those glowing, floating vegetables actually looks pretty cool!

Halloween Treatspumpkin treats

Ogawa Coffee in Downtown Crossing is offering free Halloween-themed latte art all throughout October including some very intricate pumpkins. Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream in Cambridge has pumpkin spice ice cream like you’ve never had it before, and The Boston Coffee Company boasts delicious pumpkin pies plus a seasonal bakery menu with plenty of fall treats. We know pumpkin pie is supposed to be a Thanksgiving thing, but once you’re too old to trick-or-treat you have to get all those calories someplace else. Apparently, Boston also houses at least five haunted restaurants that get particularly interesting come October 31st.


Scary Stuff

As previously mentioned in our Fall in Boston post, Beantown has plenty of delightfully scary things to do this season. These are just a few of our favorites:

  • Salem: Home of the infamous Witch Trials, this town just north of Boston really pulls out all the stops for Halloween. All month long they’ve got haunted houses, magic shows, and nighttime tours of local graveyards and historic sites from the trials. A grand total of 8 psychics offer services all over town in preparation for Halloween. The MBTA bus #450 runs right into the heart of the action out of Haymarket.
  • Boston’s Haunted Burying Grounds: With all of the history soaked into Boston’s bones, it’s no surprise that the city pulls out all the stops as the day of the dead approaches. Two of our favorite spots this time of year are the surely-haunted Puritan-era graveyards, particularly the Granary Burying Ground and the Kings Chapel Burying Ground, both just off of Tremont Street. Apparently, Kings Chapel is haunted by the pirate Captain Kidd!
  • Haunted Houses: The internet seems to unanimously agree that Barrett’s Haunted Mansion offers the most scream for your buck, particularly at “Darkness Unleashed” nights when the house stays open until 11 pm. If you’re looking for something closer to home, Boston’s Night Tour promises paranormal activity right in the city.


Perhaps you’re a craft wiz who can use Pinterest to create the ultimate costume while expending minimal effort. If so, we shall direct you here: https://www.pinterest.com/strivingonward/so-classy-halloween-costumes/

But, we’re writing this for those of you on the right:


Thank you, Cosmopolitan, for Frank the Pinterest Fail Guy.

If you want to look like a pro without spending all waking hours until October 31st on papier-mâché, then head over to one of the following:

  • Boston Costume: It’s a bit of a hike all the way over in Cambridge, but if you want to go all out this Halloween, renting or buying a costume from them might be your best bet. They’re open until midnight all the way up until the big day. Check out their website to browse their many, many…many categories. Our personal favorite is Walter White from Breaking Bad complete with stick-on beard and hazmat goggles.
  • Dorothy’s Boutique: Closer to campus, you’ve got this smaller retail spot known for its large stock of wigs and masks. It’s pretty great for adding the fabulous finishing touches to an otherwise lackluster costume.


  • CVS + Your Closet: Yes, this sounds like the same recipe you used last year to dress up as “a college student.” But it doesn’t have to be, especially if you can handle being punny! Take advantage of the various convenience stores around campus to pick up very cheap additives to your costume.
    • Wear all black, hang a cereal box around your neck, and stick a (plastic) knife in it. Voila. Cereal killer.
    • Grab the cheapest black eyeliner in the makeup aisle and write book across your face. You’re Facebook!
    • We hear Fifty Shades of Grey costumes are all the rage. We suggest strolling a mere 15 minutes to Johnson Paint Company to pick up fifty of your favorite grey-scale paint samples. The hardest part of making this costume will be cutting them out and taping them all over your shirt.

So, you’ve found an awesome costume! Take a second and check that it’s responsible and appropriate, not appropriation. Everyday Feminism has your back: http://everydayfeminism.com/2013/10/is-your-halloween-costume-racist/


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