Northeastern University Energy Conference

Announcing the Northeastern University Energy Conference!

energy conference

Are you interested in saving the world with innovative energy solutions? Well, step right up you engineers, entrepreneurs, and other Northeastern geniuses, because we have a whole day coming up dedicated to your dreams.

Come October 30th, the Northeastern University Energy Systems Society (NEUESS) will bring together big actors in the field of energy systems, including engineers of all disciplines, business-owners and consultants, and the people charged with making Boston a more innovative, efficient, and environmentally-friendly place.

This very full day includes a wide array of breakout sessions and workshops on topics ranging from The Clean Air Act to energy efficiency in the context of universities, not to mention (free) breakfast and lunch.

austin blackmon

Austin Blackmon

Lunch will be accompanied by a keynote speaker, Austin Blackmon, who is the current Chief of Environment, Energy, and Open Space for the City of Boston. In addition to being a key player in Boston’s energy development, Mr. Blackmon has years of experience working as a consultant at Wells Fargo’s Energy Investment Banking division among other firms, as well as advising the U.S. Renewables Group on energy investment.

Mr. Blackmon will be one of many, many professionals from all over the energy field at the conference, all of whom will be eager to impart wisdom (and perhaps co-op connections) upon Northeastern’s brightest students. Yeah, that means you!

Last but certainly not least, the conference will culminate in a Halloween-themed networking session, perfect for kicking off your Halloweekend!

Tickets are available on myNEU and more information can be found on the NEUESS website:

In addition, a limited number of FREE tickets will be available for faculty, staff, and students. Email for your chance to attend the conference for free!

energy conference 1

Conference Agenda (click to enlarge)


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