NU Bucket List – #1

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NU Bucket List – #1

Frolick at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum


We know what you’re thinking. A museum? But hold your horses; first of all, museums get an undeserved bad rap for being stuffy and boring. Second of all, you have not lived until you have walked in the shoes of Mrs. Isabella Stewart Gardner.

Much smaller and less well-known than it’s neighbor, the MFA, The Gardner is a whimsical adventure wrapped up in a Venetian palace. Its benefactor and original curator, Mrs. Gardner, amassed a collection of thousands of pieces of art from across the globe, including paintings, sculpture, tapestries, and furniture. She spent the better part of her life traveling in search of art that inspired her, and once a piece found, she placed it in her Fenway mansion designed to look like one of her favorite abodes in Venice. When she died in 1924, she allowed her home to continue on as a museum, so long as no piece of artwork or furniture were ever moved from the place she chose for it.

The result is a whirlwind and sometimes mismatched array of art, including masters like Titian, Rembrandt, and Degas, as well as ancient Greek statues and stonework. Every room has at least several finely upholstered chairs, some of which match furniture and fabrics seen in the paintings hanging above them. Rather than focusing on dates, artists, and movements, Mrs. Gardner wanted visitors to imagine artists and their subjects gathered together, sitting in these chairs, interacting across continents and ages.

Just around the corner from campus and only $5 for students, The Gardner even makes for an awesome, creatively-charged study spot. Make sure to check out the Yellow Room on the first floor; it has Beethoven’s death mask hidden away in the display case!

In case you needed another reason to visit, The Gardner has a spectacular Mediterranean courtyard that consistently makes top-10-most-Instagrammed locations in Boston. This also marks the perfect spot to take a picture on your first NU Bucket List adventure. Share it with us on Twitter (@nustudentlife) or Facebook (Northeastern University Student Life) and you’ll win some great prizes!

Location: 25 Evans Way (just behind and to the left of the MFA). $5 for students.


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