EPA’s P3 Sustainability Grants Competition


Calling all environmental super heroes! The Environmental Protection Agency just opened its annual call for applications for the P3 Sustainability Grants Competition!

P3 stands for People, Prosperity, and the Planet; the three aspects of this grant process. Students team up to discover and nurture a great idea to make the world a better, cleaner place, and have the chance to win a big chunk of change to bring their inspiration to fruition.

p3 teams

Teams, along with their faculty advisor, pitch an idea in their initial application for the chance to win $15,000. That money will be used to test and develop that idea further, with the ultimate goal of presenting a full-fledged plan to positively impact the environment at the National Sustainable Design Expo in April. The very best teams will win $75,000 to bring their plan into the real world to kickstart real world change.

Past winners have dreamed up schemes including devices to transfer human energy to electricity, wireless monitoring systems of water use, and extracting ammonia from dairy manure (cool?).

The P3 Sustainability Grants Competition is awesome not just because it gives you the chance to go from research to real world in one fell swoop, but also because it’s exclusive to undergraduate students in the US, narrowing the focus a good deal compared to the EPA’s other much broader grant competitions.

So, what’s your $90,000 idea?

Initial applications are due Tuesday, December 8th at 11:59pm Eastern Time! Time to get crackin!

For more information and the grant application, check out the EPA P3 website here: http://www2.epa.gov/P3/learn-about-p3-program

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