NU Bucket List – #6

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NU Bucket List – #6

Wish on a falling star at the Coit Observatory 

geminids meteor shower 2

Geminids Meteor Shower


It’s late at night, your term paper won’t write itself, and you are in need of a distraction. Since a lot of you will likely be in this position during the next seven to ten days, we humbly suggest a celestial study break.

Every Wednesday, Boston University’s Coit Observatory hosts a *free* open night, where its world-class telescopes are turned over to the public. Boston weather can be a bit tetchy, but on a clear night, you’ll see a whole new world in the sky impossible to view with the naked eye. During the Fall and Winter, the program starts at 7:30 pm and is led by an Observatory expert.


This year, finals week luckily coincides with the Geminids Meteor Shower, one of the most spectacular astronomical events of the year. From December 7th through 17th, hundreds of meteors will shoot through the sky, with an estimated peak of 140 per hour. The shower is predicted to peak on the night of December 13th, so poke your head outside past midnight and try and catch some meteor action. Three nights later, get the rest of the shower up close at the Observatory!

While meteors are technically not falling stars, that’s still a lot of chances to wish you don’t fail your finals (not that you’ll need it, we believe in you!).

geminids meteor shower

Geminids Meteor Shower 


Coit Observatory holds open nights all year round, so next time you need an astronomical reason to put off your work, you’ll know where to go. It’s always free, but you’ll still need to sign up for a ticket here. Check out this convenient calendar for more awesome astronomical movements like meteor showers and eclipses!

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