The Stages of Finals Week in memes

happy finals week

Study break! We know you’re all hitting the books pretty hard;

Stage 1: Denial

oh you have finals

Finals? What finals?

Stage 2: Anger

hush that christmas spirit

Professors know their fall semester students will never forgive them for completely ruining the holidays.

Stage 3: Bargaining

grumpy cat finals

Can I sell my soul in exchange for bonus points?

Stage 4: Despair

you shall not pass

*Wonders if parents will overlook a failing GPA in exchange for a really good Christmas present*

Stage 5: Acceptance

just keep studying

There’s nothing quite like hitting that peak study groove right at 3 am.

Stage 6: Success

we got this

Come next Friday, you’ll have aced all your finals and we can say “I told you so.”


running huskies

Be free huskies, be free.

We know finals are a grind, but leave some room during the last week of the semester to relax! Check out news@Northeastern’s list of the best study spots on campus, perfect for hunkering down and getting to work!

finished studying

You now have three weeks to forget everything you’ve learned.

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