NU Bucket List – #9

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NU Bucket List – #9

Laugh your way to Improv Asylum! 

improv asylum

We get it, finding fun and well-insulated things to do in Boston in January is no easy task. Fight the temptation to stay in with a nice Cup o’ Noodles, cause this week’s #NUBucketList challenge includes comedy funny enough to tackle snow, rain, and sleet alike.

Since it opened its doors in 1998, Improv Asylum has become an awesome Boston staple home to New England’s funniest bunch of improv comedians. The Boston Globe declared it the newest rite of passage for Beantown college students, a hilarious tradition we can get behind. Every single night, actors play out completely improvised shows surrounded by audience members in a very tight basement black box theater. Sit in the front row and you’ll feel like you’re practically part of the show, which is exactly how the actors like it! Suggestions from the audience as well as enthusiastic volunteers are encouraged.

Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night Improv Asylum’s very best goons put on the Main Stage show, a performance based on the same sketch each night that invariably takes on a mind of its own. Their current offering is called “Taylor Swift Justice,” and although we have no idea what that means, its excellent reviews and the fact that it involves Taylor Swift mean it’s sure to be awesome.

taylor swift justice

If you’d rather be on the other side of the fourth wall, Improv Asylum is just as famous for its comedy classes as it is for its performances. Their resident comedians teach a series of six improv levels, culminating in a student performance in the Improv Asylum’s own theater. If you a) don’t have the cash for the entire, year-long course, or b) just want a fun intro to the world of improv, you can pop in and out of levels as per your interest and ability. You can thank us (and send us some free tickets) later when you become a world-famous comedian.

Improv Asylum is located in the heart of the North End at 216 Hanover Street and has shows every day of the week typically at 7:30, 8:00 or 10:00 pm.  Tickets run between $10 on weekdays up to $33 on weekends for the Main Stage show.

In case this hasn’t convinced you yet, here are the rest of Improv Asylum’s awesome shows currently on offer:

the booby trap

afternoon delight

the sunday night show


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