8 Places To Go When Dunkin’ Just Won’t Do

College runs on coffee. And while we know America (and Boston) runs on Dunkin’, and we love us some free coffee post-Patriots win during football season, sometimes you need a bit more in your cup. We’re lucky Northeastern has the two big kahunas of ready-made coffee right here on campus, but you’re lying if you say you’ve never been sick of the DD-Starbucks dilemma. We’ve got our top 8 alternatives for sipping a good brew and studying in peace (and/or avoiding your homework altogether, that’s fine too), each just a few blocks from campus.

1. Pavement Coffeehouse


We couldn’t NOT include this Northeastern favorite. Practically on-campus, huskies pack this place to brim on Saturday afternoons and will fight you for a spot on the sofa. The Cinnamon Fig latte is particularly delectable. 44 Gainsborough Street. http://pavementcoffeehouse.com/

2. Haley House

haley house

Just a few minutes from campus, Haley House provides all kinds of support for community members from meal deliveries to affordable housing. Their Bakery Cafe is not only cozy and delicious (and the coffee’s cheap!), it’s also an awesome social enterprise. 12 Dade Street. http://haleyhouse.org/

3. Render Coffee

render cafe

This hipster-iest of hipster cafes right in the heart of the trendy South End neighborhood gets major points for atmosphere, particularly with its awesome patio. The baristas will happily teach you how to use a French press. 563 Columbus Ave. http://www.rendercoffeebar.com/

4. The Thinking Cup

the thinking cup

Perfect for the coffee snob: The Thinking Cup exclusively serves Stumptown Coffee, named “Best Coffee in the World” by the New York Times. The Macchiato is a house favorite. 165 Tremont Street. http://www.thinkingcup.com/#loctc

5. Wired Puppy


All coffee is direct trade, certified organic, and shade grown to ensure quality and sustainability. The Best in Show Espresso Blend is a neighborhood favorite with a full-bodied flavor with a hint of chocolate. Stop by the Single Cup Brew Bar to get a drink made just for you! 250 Newbury Street. http://www.wiredpuppy.com/

6. Citra Cafe 

citrus cafe

Come for the delicious (and very cheesy) breakfast sandwiches, stay with a cup of very dark, no-frills espresso. All their food is made fresh each day. 850 Boylston Street. http://www.citrafreshcafe.com/

7. Trident Booksellers and Cafe


For the book-worms: Trident serves an excellent Viennese espresso, as well as lots of very funky teas (pu-ehr and sencha, for example) at its cafe bar surrounded by two floors of books. They also have tons of artsy events! 338 Newbury Street. http://tridentbookscafe.com/

8. Barrington Coffee Roasting Company


This independent coffee roasting company operates on standards of quality and equity: promising to pick the batches of beans and pay above-market prices to small farmers. They’re all about the process, so you get a piece of art in each cup! 303 Newbury Street. https://barringtoncoffee.com/locations/cafes/



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