NU Bucket List – #10

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NU Bucket List – #10

Shear Madness

shear madness logo

Over 11 million people worldwide have laughed at this hilarious whodunit, and it’s about time you do too. Shear Madness is one of the world’s longest-running plays, and has called Boston home every day since its first production in January 1980. Since then, there have been nearly 13,000 performances, 10 foreign language translations, 42 different productions across the US, and seven “Best Comedy of the Year” awards. If you only ever catch one show in Boston, this is it.

shear madness 1

The show is set in the Shear Madness hair salon and includes a cast of ridiculously quirky characters, all of whom get wrapped up in the murder of the shop’s landlady, Isabel Czerny. The audience gets involved in the act of solving the crime, and ultimately votes on who they think is guilty at the end of the production. Plenty of the actual dialogue is improvised and often relies on the funniest current events of the day. As a result, each night of the show is totally unique, and the murderer remains a mystery!

shear madness 2

Shear Madness is housed in the cabaret-style Stage II theatre in the Charles Playhouse, one of Boston’s oldest venues. The show has become such a familiar part of Boston’s arts scene that the street outside of the Charles Playhouse was renamed “Shear Madness Alley” by the Mayor!

shear madness 3

Since it has no closing date in sight, you’ve got plenty of options to see the show. Shear Madness is performed Tuesday through Sunday nearly every week, with standard tickets priced at $50. Prices do occasionally go down for special occasions, like, for example, the Superbowl. If you’re not a football junkie, you’ll definitely want to catch the Shear Madness show this Sunday for a mere $10 (our motto: no Pats, no need to watch).

Tickets are available on the Shear Madness website up to three months in advance.


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