NU Bucket List – #11

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NU Bucket List – #11

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

skyzone trampoline

Gravity is so last semester. It’s a serious challenge finding fun, active things to do in the middle of a nasty Boston winter! We’re firm believers in the power of exercise to blow off some school-related steam, which is why this week, we’re sending you to Sky Zone trampoline park.

Located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Boston, Sky Zone is a huge warehouse filled with giant, very springy, wall-to-wall trampolines. Seriously, you should go if only to satisfy your inner seven-year-old. You can spend all your time bouncing around the giant Main Court, challenge your friends to an Ultimate Dodgeball battle, or canonball into a pit of 10,000 foam blocks (which is definitely first on our Sky Zone to-do list).

foam zone

Since Sky Zone is practically a bouncy house on steroids, it gets pretty busy, especially with the middle school-and-under crowd. If you want to act like a kid around a more mature crowd, we strongly recommend Skyjam, a weekly session held on Saturday nights for jumpers over 18. You get 90 minutes of jump time, plenty of pizza, a DJ, and no risk of accidentally crashing into youngsters on the trampolines.

Also reserved for grown-ups are the frequent Skyrobics sessions, which combine calisthenics, aerobics, and jumping (obvi) into an hour-long workout with a trampoline pro. They’ve got morning and evening sessions, and your first class is only $7!

As we mentioned, Sky Zone can get pretty packed, so make sure to reserve your jump time in advance. They’ve also got a lot of special events and classes, so keep your eyes peeled for student offers!

For more info and to reserve time, visit their website.

Also, here’s a preview of all the fun you’ll be having:

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