The 9 Stages of a College Kid’s V-Day

Because Romeo didn’t need all his money for tuition and ramen (and because everyone likes Valentine’s Day memes).

  1. February starts off pretty great, until you’re assaulted with Valentine’s Day-related merchandise/advertisements/pressure.

valentines day meme

2. But then you realize V-Day is usually only awesome when you have a bae.

obama valentine

3. Option 1: Denial.           big bang theory meme

4. Option 2: You get up the courage to text your crush who always looks flawless in your 8 am class and you still don’t know how…

friends meme 2

5. …including some prime pick-up puns:

  1. copper meme

big bang theory meme 2

6. Even if you do have a main squeeze, you spend all your V-Day related energy stressing about how to celebrate the occasion.

valentines day meme 2

7. You weigh the costs and benefits of actually celebrating and going broke with being alone and using the money to pay for another few months of Netflix.

valentines day money meme

7. If you’re flying solo, you still have to advise your coupled-up friends on their romantic endeavors. friends meme 2

8. So, instead, you find other fun activities, like eating all the food in your room (and your friends’ rooms).

friends meme 1

9. Finally, you learn to make your peace with the holiday, and how to be your own date.

han solo


Happy Valentines Day!


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