NU Bucket List – #12

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NU Bucket List – #12

Ride the T From End to End 

orange line boston

How well do you really know the T? We’re guessing you’re well acquainted with Ruggles, perhaps Roxbury Crossing, and maybe a few stops into town to get you to the good takeout. We challenge you to build a better relationship with your Charlie Card and explore all the funky (and sometimes a bit decrepit) stops on our beloved Orange Line.

Instructions: Hop on a train out of Ruggles and take it all the way to Forest Hills; to properly conduct this exercise, you’ll need to start at one of the ends. Pick and choose the best stops at which to disembark, or get off at all nineteen of ’em depending on your Charlie Card balance. All activities are no more than a 5-minute walk from the T stop!

1.Forest Hills: The Arnold Arboretum. Open year-round, Boston’s botanical gardens and exhibits deserve at least one visit. It’s the perfect place to walk and think amongst hundreds of trees from all over the world. They also host plenty of environmentally-focused seminars and classes.

2. Green Street: J.P. Licks. Visit the original outpost of Boston’s homegrown and very delicious ice cream chain. Rumor has it they just released their new homemade mint hot fudge!

3. Stony Brook: City Feed and Supply. This market/cafe/deli is natural/local/organic, and carries a ton of Boston-made treats! They also hold an annual Best Rooster on a Bike contest, which definitely sounds like something you should be a part of.

4. Jackson Square: Yely’s Coffee Shop. The mobile coffee shop and Latin American food joint rolls around Roxbury in its white food truck, but can usually be found parked on Centre Street a block or two down from the T stop. The fried pork comes highly recommended.

5. Roxbury Crossing: Mike’s Donuts. Super cheap, very authentic cafe and bakery. Nothing fancy, just good eats!

6. Ruggles: Home Base, either skip this one or grab some Chicken Lou’s. Your choice.

7. Massachusetts Ave: Darryl’s Corner Bar and Kitchen. Best and closest spot for awesome live jazz! If you’re adventuring earlier in the day, their brunch is excellent.

8. Back Bay/South End: Boston Public Library/Trinity Church. Both on Copley Square, these awesome old buildings are just asking for an Instagram. BPL is a perfectly majestic place to study, and daily tours of Trinity Church make it a great place to bring out-of-town friends.

9. Tufts Medical Center: The Wilbur Theater. One of our favorite local venues! The Wilbur is big, grand, and hosts awesome acts (like Tracy Morgan next week!). Keep your eyes peeled for ticket giveaways for some of their upcoming events on the @nustudentlife Twitter!

10. Chinatown: Gourmet Dumpling House. Absolutely the best pork soup dumplings in town (if you don’t know what those are, try them and thank us later). This tiny hole-in-the-wall place tucked away by the Chinatown Gate is the only Chinese food you’ll ever want to eat.

11. Downtown Crossing: Primark. There are only two of these fast-fashion retailers in the whole of the USA, so you’re pretty lucky that one of them is just a quick jaunt down the Orange Line. Based in Ireland, Primark is every college kid’s cheap, stylish dream.

12. State: Old State House. This one’s pretty convenient, since the T stop is built right under one of the country’s most historically relevant buildings. If you only absorb one piece of Boston’s past, this should be it! Tours run daily, but you can also explore on your own.

13. Haymarket: Union Oyster House. This eatery is practically a Boston institution; it’s been serving the finest oysters to Beantown residents since 1826 making it America’s oldest restaurant. Stop in for an oyster or two, then run to Mike’s Pastry for dessert.

14. North Station: Nashua Street Park. Take a break from your Orange Line frolicking and hang out in this harbor-side park. It’s got an awesome view of the Leverett Circle Connector Bridge.

15. Community College: Remember Good Will Hunting. Hop off the train for almost the exact same shot of Robin Williams’ office from this classic piece of Boston cinema. If you haven’t seen the movie, stop what you’re doing, get on Netflix, and resume your journey after its completion.

16. Sullivan Square: Tavern At the End of the World. This old Irish-style pub promises a delicious brunch and plenty of fiddle music.

17. Assembly: Assembly Row Shopping. This huge shopping complex has dozens of awesome stores, like J. Crew, Steve Madden, Addidas, and…Lego (!). Most of them offer student discounts to the order of 15-20%, so don’t forget to flash your NUID!

18. Malden Center: Boda Borg. Grab a team of 3-5 friends and go on a virtual reality quest! Questers physically enter a gaming world that’s part maze, part obstacle course, and battle their way to the other side.

19. Oak Grove: Bobby C’s. To celebrate your journey to the end of the line, indulge in some yummy Italian and enjoy being serenaded by North Shore Acapella (who look kind of like the Four Seasons from Jersey Boys, so bonus!).

For the 21-and-over crowd, helpfully created this bar-map of the T in case you get thirsty along the way:

orange line bars

*Fun Fact*: The MBTA T pass is called a “Charlie Card” in homage to the folk-song “M.T.A” written by Jackie Steiner for Walter O’Brien’s 1949 mayoral campaign. Take a listen:


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