Sustainability Film Series


For the eighth year running, Northeastern will be hosting the Sustainability Film Series!

All throughout March, films focusing on environmental issues from industrial pollution to organic farming will be screened in Curry Student Center. All events begin at 12pm and are completely free, and include vegan/vegetarian lunch (bring your own mug!).

Tuesday, March 14th: Merchants of Doubt Examining the use of public relations tactics to cast doubt on scientific findings; from the tobacco lobby to climate change nay-sayers in the US government.

Thursday, March 17th: The Last Mountain Exploring the consequences of mining and burning coal, particularly through mountain top removal mining that has had devastating consequences across Appalachia.

Wednesday, March 23rd: Blue Gold: World Water Wars The wars of the future won’t be over land or oil, but over water. Rampant pollution, salinization, and privatization threaten universal access to our most precious resource.

Thursday, March 24th: Trouble in the Water Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst natural disasters ever to strike the US, but even more tragically, was one of the worst examples of bureaucracy and government inefficiency in the face of an emergency.

Wednesday, March 30th: Mad Cowboy Howard Lyman was raised a 4th-generation rancher and later took over the family farm, when a personal crisis saw him promise to devote his life’s work to food sustainability. Now, he’s one of the most prominent food sustainability activists in the country, and a proud vegan.

From Northeastern University Sustainability, a cool breakdown of our recycling efforts:

nu recycling

food waste.jpg

kitchen waste

electronics waste

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