The Stages of Spring Break As Told By Huskies

Sitting in your last class on Friday afternoon with one eye on the professor, one eye on the clock:

husky eyes

Running off campus like it’s the Boston Marathon:

running huskies

Waking up on a Monday and realizing you have NOTHING TO DO:

funny husky

Forgetting the cold and windy tundra that is Boston:

huskies beach chairs

Also forgetting everything you’ve learned so far this semester:


On that heart-wrenching last day of break when you Just. Can’t. Go.

husky buried in sand.jpg

Getting back to campus Sunday night after 437 hours on a plane, train, and bus and looking at your backpack like:

mad husky

Cutting through the denial by starting a countdown to the last day of spring semester:

happy husky

Happy Spring Break, huskies! Have a ball and stay safe!


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