NU Bucket List – #15

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NU Bucket List – #15

Try the OG Parker House Roll at the Omni Parker House!

omni parker house

Located in the heart of the city just a block from the Boston Common, the Omni Parker House is Boston’s most elegant and storied hotel (with plenty of gold trim). It was founded in 1855, making it the oldest hotel in Boston. It’s famous as the watering hole of America’s greats, including Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ulysses S. Grant, and John F. Kennedy. On the other side of the bar, several of the wait staff went on to fame and fortune, most notably Malcolm X and Ho Chi Minh.

In short, the Omni Parker House is a fixture of Boston’s history that still dominates the facade of School Street as well as the city’s cultural scene. That means it’s not cheap, so we suggest skipping the sleepover and stopping by for lunch instead to get the full Parker House experience. Aside from its intellectual greats, the Parker House is most famous for its contributions to classic New England cuisine. Anyone within a hundred mile radius of the place has heard of the Parker House Roll, an unassuming little piece of bread that has become the establishment’s signature.

parker house rolls

Parker House Rolls 

The Parker House restaurant also claims to have civilized the Boston Cream Pie, making it just as much a work of art as a delicious mound of fatty calories.

boston creme pie parker.jpg

Parker House Boston Cream Pie

So grab some fellow foodies and head into town for some of Boston’s finest grub! The restaurant also makes a popular venue for graduation dinners; it’s the perfect, authentic spot to show off to your parents and *also* means you won’t be buying.

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