NU Bucket List – #16

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NU Bucket List – #16

Blue Man Group

blue man group

You’ve probably seen their interesting makeup choices plastered on posters all over town. Blue Man Group hosts one of its ongoing theatrical productions right here in Boston, making it a must-see before you graduate! Since 1991, BMG has floored audiences all over the world and has been a key part of the pop culture zeitgeist of the millennial generation. Today, they hold at least four shows a week at the Charles Playhouse in the Theatre District.

Each show (and there are plenty of them) incorporates intricate sounds and visuals, all performed by artists disguised with the signature blue makeup. The process, called “going bald and blue,” takes about an hour for each application and uses blue makeup specially made for the performers. None of them open their mouths for the entire show, allowing them to communicate with the audience through their movements alone.

blue man group2.jpg

You can expect lots and lots of noise, often performed on unique instruments made from everyday materials. There’s also plenty of color; the first four or five rows of the audience are offered ponchos to protect their clothing from the paint that often spatters off the stage. Prepare yourself for a very intense experience that is a fantastical window into another world!

blue man group 3.jpg

Lucky you, we’ve got an awesome discount code that will take 35% off the price of your ticket! Use SAVEBIG when buying tickets online to save for the following upcoming shows:

  • Thursday, March 24 @ 7:30pm
  • Saturday, March 26 @ 11am
  • Saturday, April 2 @ 2pm
  • Sunday, April 3 @ 5pm
  • Wednesday, April 5 @ 7:30pm
  • Thursday, April 7 @ 7:30 pm
  • Saturday, April 9 @ 11am
  • Sunday, April 10 @ 5pm

BMG also offers a 50% discount for college students! Starting two hours prior to the performance, you can stop by the box office and flash your NUID for up to 2 tickets for $30 each. Not all performances are guaranteed to offer the discount, so make sure to call ahead to confirm that student tickets will be offered.

You can purchase tickets on the Blue Man Group website, or at the Charles Playhouse box office at 74 Warrenton St.


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