Things You Think During Finals Week

Dunkin’ Donuts is about to get a LOT more of your business:

finals week coffee


Even when you’re studying like a pro, it can be hard to stay positive:

finals week 2


Netflix has never been more tempting nor more dangerous:

finals week 3

Comparing study schedules with your overachieving friends can be painful:

finals week 7


When an all-night cramming session actually works, you feel like a superhero:

finals week 4


Celebrating the little things becomes very important for your sanity:

finals week 5


There’s nothing quite like the ego boost you get from finishing a final:

finals week 6


When you’re finally done, you feel like your finals saga deserves its own epic movie:

finals frodo


Leaving campus at the end of finals week may actually be the dictionary definition of bliss:

running husky


Good luck on all your finals, huskies!!



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