GE Unimpossible Missions Competition



General Electric is one of Northeastern’s most popular co-op employers, particular for our  brightest engineers-in-training. GE recently released a jaw-dropping miniseries showing their best engineers proving generations of idioms wrong. Now, they’ve invited you to be a part of their Unimpossible Missions…and make the impossible, possible.

Engineering is more than a killer class schedule, it’s the study of solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. GE’s Unimpossible Missions: University Edition gives bright minds the opportunity to get creative with their engineering knowledge, and have so far brought about some pretty spectacular results.

Each entrant first selects an idiom to test. Previously tested idioms include “a snowball’s chance in hell,” “catching lightning in a bottle,” and “like talking to a wall.” Then, entrants “solve” their idiom by thinking of outrageous ways to prove its accuracy in the real world. For example, GE’s “dream team” of engineers designed a container capable of keeping a snowball frozen even when submerged in molten iron…thus proving that a snowball does indeed have a chance in hell.

The most innovative solution will be selected for the Grand Prize, which includes a $100,000 scholarship, a paid 10-week internship at a GE Global Research Center, and an entire Unimpossible Missions episode to test the idiom. Two second place winners will also be chosen for the paid 10-week internship.

The competition summary, materials, and rules can be found here. Before you get started, check out these episodes from the Unimpossible Missions series for some inspiration:


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