NU Bucket List – #25

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NU Bucket List – #25

 Kayak Tour of Boston

kayaking charles

“Summester” midterms are fast approaching, just the excuse you need to kick back, relax, and float your way down the Charles River! Kayaking in Boston is just a short T ride away, and is a perfectly chill introduction to this sometimes extreme sport. Forget navigating rapids; you can rent kayaks on the current-less backwater by the Elliot Bridge in Allston or by Kendall Square in Cambridge for an amazing view of the city. It’s the perfect lazy-day activity that gets you outdoors and away from your computer.

Kayaking itself is pretty simple, especially if you’re in pretty calm waters like those down the Charles. The lightweight boats can move fast and are easy to maneuver, making them perfect for exploring the shores of Back Bay. They’re propelled with a double-sided paddle, a task made even easier if you bring a friend and get a double kayak! The partially covered seats mean you can paddle to the middle of the bay, lean back, and catch some sun without wobbling too much.

boston kayak

Charles River Canoe & Kayak is a great place to start; they have four locations around the Boston area and have rental rates starting at $15 per hour for a single kayak and $20 per hour for a double. On-site instructors will give you a few pointers before they launch you into the river and you can sign up for more in-depth beginner classes if you’re new to paddling. If you want to venture further than Back Bay, CRCK recommends taking a guided tour of the Boston Harbor, which is a great way to build skills on rougher waters.

Grab a paddle, claim a kayak, and relax!

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