10 Things You Think During Summer Midterms

Happy midterms, Summer I huskies! Spending your summer in class is always a mixed bag of emotions, ranging from a sense of accomplishment knowing you’re *that* much closer to graduating…to some serious summer FOMO. We’ve got 10 things that run through the mind of every summer student…as told by huskies!


  1. It’s 80 degrees and blindingly sunny outside, but who needs sunscreen when you’re going to be in Snell all day anyway?

sad husky.jpg

2. *Scrolls through Instagram, sees pictures of high school friends frolicking on a beach*

*Throws phone out the window*

huskies on the beach

3. You may be ten minutes late to your 8:00 am class four days a week, but every Wednesday you’re in line fifteen minutes early to get your free ice cream on Centennial Common.

happy husky 2.jpg

4. It’s only been three weeks and you’re practically half way done with the semester! All college should be like this!

excited husky.jpg

5. “I only have A MONTH to bring up this grade?! Never doing this again.”

scared husky.jpeg

6. Three words: Three. Day. Weekends.

husky in hammock.jpg

7. The feeling when every class is now 100 minutes long:

yawning husky.jpg

8. But, getting a jump on your credits feels pretty good.

winking husky.jpg

9. Finals week is a lot shorter and therefore WAY less painful (still not great, though).

husky with book.jpg

10. Walking off campus for the 4th of July never felt so good!

happy husky 3




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